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About Dawn Funnell and Temira Burtons

Dawn Funnell is an actor and writer who was born in Carshalton Surrey and currently lives in Norfolk.

Dawn's first book is 'Temira Burtons and  the Pharaoh's Treasure'. 
Temi Burtons travels from London to a Norfolk Market Town called Burpham to spend some time with her eccentric Aunt Guin. Aunt Guin lives in a pink thatched cottage and will only eat and wear red. Aunt Guin explains that there is a family connection to the great Howard Carter.  With the help of Bess and a myna bird called Lancelot Temi finally discovers an old Victorian time machine and races back in time to ancient Egypt to try to find the evil pharaoh's treasure.
Suitable for reading ages 8-12.

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